Special Needs/acquired injury planning

You have worked hard to build your financial nest egg, it is now time to:

Manage your wealth to ensure your family members with special needs or acquired injury are supported now and for many years in the future.
Explore planning options that will strengthen your financial situation.

What is a Henson Trust?

A Henson Trust is an absolute discretionary trust which guarantee’s your financial affairs will be structured appropriately and will ensure you are maximizing all the benefits that may be available to you and minimizing the risk to your family and caregivers.

Why a Henson Trust?

Having sufficient financial Resources for a comfortable retirement is important however, additional concerns facing the on going care and well being of their children, especially when parents are no longer able to look after them. This is the one major thing that trumps everything else,which is: Families who have children with special needs or acquired injury have additional concerns, and cannot leave assets directly to these children, because you will impact their ability to receive income and or funding assistance from government families.

Planning resources & support

Fred and his team use a client-focused, customized approach to develop innovative and time-tested solutions that will help you set and meet your goals. Most parents speak to us about two issues:

What happens to my child if I/we predecease them?
Will there be enough money for them to survive long term?

Going forward, our job is to be your advocate to relieve you of the burdens of daily financial matters, analyze and clarify the full effect of your planning choices, and allow you to make confident decisions based on fact, not promises.

What’s at risk?

Without a Henson Trust, you risk losing your ODSP support payments including your health and dental benefits.

When planning for disabled beneficiaries you must ensure that all provisions are structured properly, taking into account “liquid assets” and income restrictions.

In other words, instead of being able to include the government benefits available to your loved one and improve your disabled beneficiary’s comfort, care and enjoyment of life, the inheritance would be depleted for day-to-day care.

Execution & Delivery

With estate planning a team of specialists, can aid in the decision-making process when a family member is diagnosed with special needs or acquires an injury.

Now is the time to implement an Estate Plan. You can engage our team of specialists, or we can collaborate with your associated professionals and aid in the understanding of the following:
Government benefits and how they work
Planning dynamics on the family situation
Clarifying relevant legislation

Bringing humanity and perspective to the planning process. Parents have many considerations when implementing an Estate Plan, but it does not have to be difficult. Knowledgeable professionals can help to ensure you have provisions for the best structure for your family member with special needs or acquired injury.